What to do if Your Purse Gets Stolen

Purses are Burglary Kits

We all know that losing your purse or having it stolen is bad, but what you might not now is how bad. Purses are so convenient and allow us to carry so much of our stuff everywhere. But for a criminal, that same convenience makes practically makes them burglary kits.

Purses and Burglaries

A thief that steals a purse might gain possession of the owner’s cellphone, ID, credit cars, checkbooks, social security card, car key, house key and work key. These are the perfect tools to steal the owner’s identity and wreck their credit. Besides the financial havoc that will follow, the thief also has keys to the owner’s home and knows where they live from looking for the address on the drivers license, checks or on the health insurance card.

The first thing a purse theft victim should do after calling the authorities is to call a trusted locksmith company. A locksmith can rekey the locks and make sure the stolen key will not unlock the victim’s lock. Go to our lock rekey page to learn more.