Transponder Chip Key Replacement

Did You Lose Your Last Chip Key?

The advantage of owning a car that uses a transponder chip key is that it’s significantly harder to steal. The obvious disadvantage is that transponder keys are more expensive to duplicate and way more expensive to replace than regular keys. This is why people should have spare transponder keys on hand.

Transponder chip key

About Transponder Chip Keys

Transponder chip keys are ignition keys that have circuits connected to a chip built inside the plastic head. The circuit is powered by the signal transmitted from the vehicle’s computer so it has no need of a battery. When the programmed transponder key turns in the ignition switch, the vehicle’s computer sends a signal to the circuit. If the circuit fails to respond the vehicle will not start. Most car manufacturers started using transponder chip technology around 1998 and today almost all car models have adopted it.

When you shop around for a locksmith to get a transponder key originated always remember to be sure of the following. First, always ask them how much will the total cost be for the whole job, including the trip charge. Second, make sure you speak with a company that knows what they are doing. Ask them if they are sure they can make a key for your specific vehicle and if they have the necessary. In the case that you just need to copy an existing transponder key and not a replacement, always remember to check with the walk-in shops first. Most transponder keys can be duplicated in a shop because unlike origination/replacement there is no need in hooking up to the car’s computer to program the key. When a transponder key is duplicated with a clone key programmer, it basically copies the programming on the chip from the original master key to a clone version of the key.

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