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Residential Lock Re-key

Changing the Locks on Your Home

Very often, changing the locks on your home can be paramount for security and peace of mind. You always have to ask yourself if you know who might have a copy of your keys. If you don’t feel comfortable with the answer to this question, changing the locks is something you should really consider. Changing the locks doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay a great deal of money purchasing new hardware. The smarter way to go about it is to re-key the locks instead.

“What is re-keying the locks?” you might ask. When we re-key, we replace the pins on the existing locks to match a completely different set of keys. By doing that we can make sure none of the old keys or any other key for that matter will be successfully used to gain entry to your home. This is an inexpensive solution to get complete control of who has a key to your house.

Re-keying the locks to your home is highly recommended when you don’t know who might have a copy of your keys. People commonly re-key their house locks in the following situations:

$39 Trip Charge and $12 Per Keyhole

At Metrolocks, we are all about making re-keying simple. We charge a simple flat price to re-key any standard locks, anywhere within our service area, anytime during business hours. $39 for us to come out to you and $12 per keyhole to re-key any deadbolt or doorknob of the following makes: