Panic and Push Bars

Do You Need Your Exit Devices Repaired or Replaced?

Panic bar locks serve a very important purpose. They can effectively provide security to the property by denying access to unwanted entities from the outside and at the same time serve as a quick way to unlock and open a door from the inside. This is why it is crucial that your panic bars are installed properly and in good working condition. A broken or an improperly installed lock can have a problem locking which compromises security, or it can have a problem unlocking which is a serious fire hazard. If you have a panic bar that is not working properly it is highly recommended not to attempt to repair it on your own and call a professional locksmith with extensive panic bar experience.

Panic bar

About Panic Bars

Panic bar locks also called push bars, exit devices and crash bars, are commonly used in commercial and institutional buildings. These devices are designed to let you unlock the door with one pushing action by crashing into the door. These locks are usually installed on emergency exits since they are fire code compliant.

Panic bar locks come in many designs, finishes and prices. The price of panic bar locks can range from $150 to over $2,000 and there is a wide variety of brands and levels of quality. If you are replacing an existing panic bar lock it is better to replace it with a panic bar lock that uses the same door prep holes, this way you wont have to drill new holes and cover the old ones.

Most of the times when panic bar locks break they can be fixed. Make sure that you call a locksmith that has a wide panic bar lock repair experience, because the inexperienced ones might try to sell you a new one when all it takes is an easy fix to get it working again.