Mailbox Locks

Repair and Replacement of Mailbox Locks

When you call around to get a quote for a mailbox replacement service, only hire locksmith companies that can at least give you a total price over the phone. We go even further by posting it on our website for your convenience. Our price for replacing a standard mailbox lock is $39 trip charge plus $36 for everything else (new lock, installation, tax and picking the lock if necessary).

A lock being repaired

Broken Mailbox Locks and Lost Mailbox Keys

Mailbox locks break down from time to time. If your mailbox lock is broken and is not locking or unlocking properly you should call a locksmith to get it repaired. If your mailbox lock is sticky or just not working properly, before you decide to call a locksmith always try to spray some lubricant inside the keyhole. In many cases this can solve your problem and save you some money. Just make sure you use a lock-friendly lubricant. Common lubricants like WD-40 can trap dust and dirt which may gunk up the lock. An unsecured mailbox can make you vulnerable to identity theft and privacy violations.

Usually when people call us for a mailbox lock replacement is because they lost or were never given a key by the previous owner. If this is the case we can pick the lock to open the mailbox and replace the lock with a new one that includes two keys. When moving to a new home, it is strongly recommended to replace the mailbox lock. You never know if at some point the old owner might of given a mailbox key to an untrustworthy ex-tenant.