Lost and Broken Keys

Did You Break or Lose Your House Keys?

Losing your keys to your home or business can be very frustrating. It’s even worst if you lose the only key for a certain set of doors. If that just happened to you and you’re worried they could end up in the wrong hands then rekeying the door locks operated by these keys is highly advised. Any professional locksmith should be able to originate a version of the old key or rekey your locks to work with a new set of keys. Just make sure the locksmith company you picked gave you a complete quote over the phone.

Replacement key

About Broken Keys

When a key breaks inside the lock it can very often create two problems. Not only the key to get into your home or business is broken, you also have a broken piece of the key jammed in the keyhole. Even if you had a spare key you would still not be able to stick it in the keyhole while the broken piece is in there. If this is the case, the best advise we have for you is whatever you do don’t try to extract the key on your own. If you do that it is very possible that you’ll push the broken key deeper inside the keyway or inflict damage on the lock. Save hassle, time and even money and just pay a professional locksmith to do it right.

Most key breaking situations happen because the lock, the key or both are not working properly. If you notice your key is not turning easily or significant jiggling is required to operate the lock, it is not a good sign. It’s wise not to wait until your key breaks and preemptively have a locksmith come out and make the necessary adjustments.