Lock Repair and Replacement

Do You Need Your Locks Repaired or Replaced?

Locks are designed to last a very long time, but like everything, they will break at some point. A broken lock situation can bring additional problems with it like locking people in or out of a home. The best way to deal with such issue is to resist the temptation of tinkering with the lock on your own and call a good locksmith.

A lock being repaired

Professional Lock Installation

Some locks are easy to install and some can be quite complicated. Even the “easy to install” locks can be difficult to install well. A professional installation done by a good locksmith can make the lock work better, last longer and save you time and hassle. When you are in need of replacing a lock and you want to purchase the hardware yourself, always try to get locks that match the existing door holes to avoid having to drill new ones. Another thing to keep in mind, is the keyway of the locks. The keyway is the shape of the keyhole, even if the locks are not keyed the same they can still be keyed to match as long as they share the same keyway.

Locks that are mounted on an entry door are usually exposed to the elements. Temperature, moisture and time make the door expand, contract and warp which can negatively affect the lock’s functionality. This is why some locks require adjusting from time to time to compensate for the movement of the door.