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High Security Locks

Why Get High Security Locks?

High security locks are always recommended when it comes to making your house more secure, but no lock will ever make your house completely impenetrable. High security locks can be very expensive and if not used and installed properly can provide little to no increased security. For example if you install a one sided high security deadbolt on a door next to a window, a burglar can just break the window and turn the lock open from the inside. This is why it is highly advised to talk with a security professional before incurring such a big lock purchasing expense. There are four main lock defeating concerns that high security locks can address:

Even though high security locks are designed to effectively deny entry from unwanted entities, one of the most beneficial aspects about them is the deterrence attribute. Burglars will always be looking for the easiest targets, so when they see a property with high security locks they usually move on.

Different Brands

There are many brands that make high security locks. The most famous ones are Medeco, Marks, ASSA, Abloy, BiLock, Mul-T-Lock and Schlage Everest Primus. The best way to know which brand to buy is to call your local locksmith and have them recommend the right high security lock that fits your specific security needs and budget.