Commercial Rekeying

Do You Need to Change Your Business Locks?

rekeying the locks of a business is a little more complex than rekeying a home. There are plenty of considerations such as master systems, building code requirements and necessary key control. When you shop around for a commercial rekey make sure to give all the necessary information over the phone and always demand a total price. Any honest locksmith will be able to provide an exact quote for this type of service.

Commercial lock

Why Rekey Business Locks?

Unlike most residential locks, most commercial locks can be very expensive to replace, but if all you need is to change the keys then rekeying would be the way to go. When we rekey the locks we change the pins to match new keys to prevent any other keys from working on them. Below are listed the most common reasons for why businesses rekey their locks:

Personnel Changes - When an employee that possessed a key is laid off or fired it is strongly advised to rekey the locks for peace of mind. Even if they returned the key they could’ve still made a copy at some point in the past without your knowledge.

Master Key System - Sometimes a business has a need for different levels of personnel access. Implementing a master key system would create such function and provide the control of what your employees can unlock.

Moving to a New Location - When a business expands or moves to a new location, it is highly advised to rekey the locks. This way we eliminate the possibility of someone unlocking your business by using a copy of the old key.