Commercial Lockouts

Are You Locked Out of Your Business or Office?

At Metrolocks we fully understand the meaning of being locked out of your business. Very often it happens early in the morning when you get there to open your doors to your costumers. Commercial lockouts are a very urgent matter because time literally means money for a business. This is why you should always have a saved phone number of a reliable locksmith like Metrolocks. We pledge to always give you an honest answer when you ask how long it will take us to get to your office or shop. We care about our costumers’ businesses and we rather lose a job than give them a misleading ETA.

Commercial storefront lock

Fast Commercial Lockout Service

Commercial grade locks are often harder to pick than residential locks, but that doesn’t mean an honest locksmith can’t give you a flat over the phone rate before sending someone out. When shopping around for commercial locksmith service, it’s always advised to give as much details as possible, this helps locksmith companies determine the exact cost. Not all commercial lockouts are exterior doors. Very often it’s a door inside a shop or an office that was accidentally locked with the keys inside. It is highly advised not attempt to unlock it on your own and call a professional locksmith instead.