Car Key Replacement

Did You Lose Your Last Car Key?

If you have lost your last remaining key to your vehicle there are several things you should know. Always shop around and at least call three companies before making your final decision. When it comes to vehicle key replacements, prices can range significantly by company. Also, every company you’ll call can potentially add to your knowledge about the type of key required for your specific vehicle.

Locked car

Save Money on Car Key Replacements

Never hire a locksmith that is not “able” to give you an exact quote over the phone. A key replacement job is easy to price, as long as you give them the make, model, year and the locks on your vehicle were never replaced or modified. If you call a locksmith and they cannot give you an exact over-the-phone price for a key replacement job, hang up immediately and call someone else.

More often than not, making a copy from an existing key costs significantly less than originating a car key from scratch. So once you get your new key replacement get some spare copies made.

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