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Custom keys by Klinky

The Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift

Hire Us to Re-Key Your Buyers' Locks

For almost a decade we've been implementing our re-keying closing gift program for many realtors in the Denver/Boulder metro area. Give your buyers the gift of security and peace of mind. We can cut your custom branded keys on-site and re-key the buyer's house to them. This is a great gift to your buyers and the only piece of branding that your clients will use twice a day or more.

How Does It Work?

  1. Getting custom keys - You can order your custom branded keys from anywhere. Many of the realtors working with us get their branded keys from Klinky.com like the ones in the picture.
  2. Informing the buyer - You can inform your buyer about the re-keying gift and send them one of our leaflets which gives them more information about the re-keying process.
  3. Scheduling an appointment - You can provide us with their contact information and we can schedule with them directly.
  4. Re-keying the locks - We arrive at your buyer's home with clearly marked vans and uniforms. We go over what we're doing with them and let them know it's a gift from you. We re-key all their locks and hand them your branded keys (which are cut on-site).
  5. Billing and pricing - We charge a flat $39 service call and $12 per keyhole re-keyed, no hidden charges. The average home has 5 keyholes. We will email you an electronic NET30 invoice which you can pay online or by mailing a check.
Residential Re-keying

Benefits of Re-Keying